"Cayo Salinas & Asociados - Estudio de Abogados" born into the labor market in 1991 with the mission responsible, serious and planned to offer and provide high quality legal services, aware of the needs that society has to have a qualified, professional legal advice, to suit the constantmodernization of social, economic and commercial of the moment.

Since our establishment, we have characterized the quality and efficiency inservice delivery, the result of this, we have assumed responsibility and management of major projects and consulting advice to both private companiesand the Bolivian state itself, through the award of statutory audits in various fieldsof law.We also assist in establishing, controlling and promoting businesses, offering advise in a legal corporate frame.

Our offices encompass professional lawyers in their fields.   With whose expertise we advise and guide the client to take legal decisions in defense of their interests in a particular situation.Since our establishment, we have characterized the quality and efficiency inservice delivery, the result of this, we have assumed responsibility and management of major projects and consulting advice to both private companiesand the Bolivian state itself, through the award of statutory audits in various fieldsof law.