The branch of legal doctrine that aims to study the regulation of the activities of a person called "contractor", whether it is considered as commercial director of a company and therefore legal representative or simply as the sole legal representative of a sole proprietorship.

It is also a new reformulation of commercial law.

The term "due diligence" is used to conceptualize a number of conceptsinvolving the investigation of a sole proprietorship or corporation, or individual, prior to signing a contract or any Deley with some measure of care. It may be alegal obligation, but the term is more commonly apply to voluntary investigations.A common example of due Diligency several idustrias is the process by which apotential buyer evaluates a target company or its assets in the face of an acquisition.

Unlike conciliation and mediation, arbitration is the closest approximation is tomodel the common case. This is a method or technique which aims to resolvedifferences out of court to intercede in the relationship between two or more parties, for which purpose it is agreed voluntarily (if such a conflict raised decidethe parties) or contract (via arbitration clause) the intervention of a third party (or court) to be resolved.

Is a set of issues related to all human beings as they all have in common (or generic), such as for example, the system of people, the facts and legal acts, the economic rights, family, inheritance, etc.

It is the governing legal relationships between persons who perform acts of commerce. Therefore, no interest and the subject of legal relationship, as the commercial law governing commercial acts, whether or not by merchants.

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