We specialize in assisting legally sole proprietorships and business partnerships in the exercise of its corporate spin. To this effect, we provide advice in the process of constitution, training, legal accreditation, demerger, merger, transformation, dissolution and liquidation of companies. We also provide assistance and legal advice to sole proprietorships and business partnerships in different areas of law, with the concurrence of situations requiring the assistance of lawyers either preventively or sponsorship in situations that warrant specialized legal advice or off court.




As a law firm we have extensive experience in the field, so we offer our clients legal assistance in drafting contracts where arbitration clauses are agreed, and in the process of planning, designing strategies, formulation of arbitration claims and enforcement both national and international. arbitrations We are also registered in the list of arbitrators of the most important centers of Conciliation and Arbitration.




Several companies have required our services for the reporting of Legal Audit and / or due diligence. As well, we have extensive experience in the field, so we are able to establish the legal status of a sole proprietorship or a trading partnership in the areas of their development, viz., Civil contracting with third parties, labor costs, compliance trade rules, tax, customs and others; obligations to third parties and their degree of enforceability; analysis of legal contingencies, all with the purpose of having an X-ray of the company that allows its strategic, competitive and operational diagnosis.



"Da mihi factum, dabo tibi ius"

Give me the facts, I will give the right


The legal professional is due to himself and his mission assistant justice granted by the law, upright conduct and beat the parameters of morality, equity, selflessness of their own interests provided to encourage as those of customer are always the reason for our work, we show you some of our services.


We represented our clients before ordinary courts in all the territory of the Republic, and in international courts more


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We represent our clients before courts throughout the territory of the Republic andin international courts through our partners.... read more


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"Cayo Salinas & Asociados - Estudio de Abogados" born into the labor market in 1991 with the mission responsible, serious and planned to offer and provide high quality legal services, aware of the needs that society has to have a qualified...
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BRANCH OFFICES: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, La Paz, Sucre, Tarija, Oruro, Potosi.