Specific Experience in Legal Auditing

Contracts Superior to $us 48'000.000 (Forty Eight Million US Dollars).

Due Diligence.-

The Firm has realized the Legal Auditing of the Capitalization Process of the Empresa Nacional de Ferrocarriles (ENFE) of Bolivia, and has had Private Participation (Concession) for the Servicio Autónomo Municipal de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado (SAMAPA) in La Paz - Bolivia, where the contractor was the Ministry of Exterior Commerce and Inversion. On the job, all contracts where reviewed, as well as any consultive document, investors pacts, reports from legal advisors and international business strategists, reference terms, etc., also reviewed where all legal dispositions that protected the process (laws, decrees and resolutions), having  been adjudicated the bidding amongst National and International Law Firms.